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Lemon Lavender


  • Lemon Lavender Aloe Socks
    Lemon Lavender Aloe Socks

    Aloe Socks


    Infused with natural aloe vera, these ultra hydrating socks prevent and soften callouses, and restore moisture to dry, cracked feet. Wear to bed f...

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  • Lemon Lavender Glass Nail File- Spa Day Every Day
    Lemon Lavender Glass Nail File

    Glass Nail File


    Whip those nails into shape with durable glass files that might just be prettier than your manicure. This 10 style assortment includes five phrase...

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  • Lemon Lavender Spotlight Tweezers- White
    Lemon Lavender Spotlight Tweezers

    Spotlight Tweezers


    Tweezers so good, your brows are already nervous. This high-grip set features an ultra bright push-button LED designed to put a spotlight on your ...

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  • Blending Sponge


    Keep your favorite formula on your face and off your sponge with our edgeless teardrop applicator. This two piece set gives you one to wash and on...

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  • Lemon Lavender Sore Winner Body Massager- Pink
    Lemon Lavender Sore Winner Body Massager

    Sore Winner Body Massager


    Hand-held muscle roller ball Melt away tension & knots Prevent post-workout soreness Grippable base for easy use